Napinak na 1-buchach - vhodne i na S10

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Napinak na 1-buchach - vhodne i na S10

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nechavam v originale od kolegu z UK - hezky popsane

Selfadjust comes to an end wenn the full length of the piston was pushed out by the spring.
The ratchet mechanism prevents the piston to come back against the spring tension, and allows the piston to be moved towards the chain guide once there is enough chain slack, click by click.

Picture shows a 3TB tensioner.


There is a total of 18 clicks, which does not start at click 1 for a new engine but more around click 4 or 5 to be safe.

This is how you proceed for a 1VJ/3AJ engine:

1. On your cold engine, locate the tensioner (left back side of cylinder)
2. Open big central Hex bolt and remove, together with coil spring and copper washer (some drops of oil may come out)
3. Open and remove both allen head bolts (size 5)
4. Unmount tensioner (may stick to paper gasket)
5. Pull on the tensioner piston slowly and count remaining clicks. I would change the chain when only 3 clicks are left. Wear differs, I attach some examples below. The workshop manual states that once the piston is fully extended one must change chain AND top cogwheel. I found that by changing earlier you kan keep the old cogwheel.
6. Lift the little spring loaded ratched tongue and push the tensioner piston fully in!!
7. Mount the spanner (check paper seal before) using the two allen bolts, 10 Nm
8. Insert spring
9. Mount central nut with copper washer, this will push the spring inward and that pushes the piston back into working position, you hear it clicking. Use a new or refurbished copper washer (vou can reuse the old washer after heating it up to a red glow shortly which softens it, and let it cool down again).
10. Tighten central bolt (20 Nm).[/list]

Job done

Some data from experience (friends and own engines):

30.000 km 11 clicks left
50.000 km 9 clicks left
110.000 km 7 clicks left

On my desert bike: 70.000 km 3 clicks left (bought that new so I know for sure its true ...)

Its an easy check, takes 5 minutes.

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